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Sysdea Organisations are a way to handle the billing of multiple users together. Organisations have a set number of seats, and are billed at $150/seat/year. Admins within the organisation may invite and remove members from the organisation, allowing flexible management of users.

Creating an Organisation

Organisations are created from the Account page within Sysdea. You will be required to provide a name for the organisation, along with an initial seating capacity and credit card billing information. Upon creation, your account will be placed within the new organisation as an Administrator. If you have an active personal subscription, it will be refunded (prorated).

Managing Users

Users within an organisation will derive their account active status from the billing status of that organisation. To invite users into your organisation, you can go to the Organisation page in the dashboard.

Invited users will be sent an email, which will allow them to join the organisation. If they have an active personal subscription, it will be refunded (prorated) when they join.

Changing Seating

At present, changing the seating of an organisation can only be done by Sysdea admins. To change your seating, please contact us at contact@sysdea.com from the email associated with an admin of the organisation. Changes will result in a prorated charge for the years billing period (e.g, adding one seat half way through a year will give a charge of $75).

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